Guest Post Service

Our approach differs to other vendors’ by allowing you to first see the link placements before any publications are made.

Step 1

Order links below based on metrics. The metrics are pulled from Ahrefs and Moz.

Step 2

Based on the plan you order, we will send over the most relevant website for your review.

Step 3

Once you have viewed and approved the site. The content will then be written.

Step 4

Once the links have been placed and checked, you will receive a final report with the post urls.

Guest Post Packages



  • Ahrefs Traffic: 500-5000
  • Ahrefs DR: 10-30
  • Moz DA: 10-30
  • Ahrefs RDs: 50+



  • Ahrefs Traffic: 5000-15000
  • Ahrefs DR: 20-50
  • Moz DA: 20-50
  • Ahrefs RDs: 100+



  • Ahrefs Traffic: 15000+
  • Ahrefs DR: 30-80
  • Moz DA: 30-80
  • Ahrefs RDs: 150+

Premium Tiered


  • Tier 1 – Premium GP to money site
  • Tier 2 – Budget GP to Tier 1
  • Tier 3 – Budget GP to Tier 2
  • Power up our Premium Guest Posts

Frequently Asked Question

Below we have outlined the main questions that we receive regarding our Guest Post Service.

Because our team has been working on outreach for a number of years now, we’ve compiled our own extensive database of sites who we’ve worked with before and built up a relationship with. If we receive an order for a niche we don’t have, we will do our best to source relevant sites for you.

Yes. Unlike many vendors, once you make your order online, our team will check your website URL and anchors to find you the most relevant site we have in that niche. We do this with the metrics matched to the package you ordered.

Next, we’ll then check Ahrefs to ensure that you don’t already have the site. You will then get an update with the link to the website, so you can check it over and either approve or disapprove it. In most cases, we get acceptance from our customers within 1 or 2 links being sent. Please note we cannot show any URLs before an order has been placed.

On our tiered package, we show you only Tier 1 link, we don’t show you the tiered 2 and 3 links as these are pulled from our budget guest post inventory, not our premium.

Yes, all the links we sell are permanent and we offer a 365-day full refund guarantee. If the links are removed for any reason within 365 days, we will offer you a full refund or a link replacement.

Even after the 365 days, we will still reach out to the webmaster and try to sort out the issue for you.

Yes, all the guest posts we provide will include a do-follow link from within the content. None of our posts are marked as Sponsored Posts or links from author bio.

It normally takes 7 to 14 days from you approving the site, for the link placements to go live. However, please note that it may take longer with certain websites, as they may be a little slower than others. If any site is slow to respond, we’ll keep you up to date from our end on its progress.

We include content writing in our guest post link packages. But, if for any specific reason you want to use your own content writer, you’re free to do so, as long as the content meets the requirements for the post. Our price for the package will still remain the same as listed on our website.

No, at this time, the only stage which you have direct input on is accepting or rejected the sites which we send you to review. Once you accept the site, our team will get to work on the content and deal with the site owner. You will then get the link once it goes live.

Other vendors tend to offer a tiered power-up package to their guest posts, but most of the time with very low-quality private blog networks (PBN), which we personally feel is a bad long-term strategy.

Take, for example, a powerful blog that consistently accepts 2-3 guest posts per week. Customers that build 2-5 PBN posts that directly links specifically to their own will actually do more harm than good, despite trying to power it up. Very soon, that overall site is going to have lots of lower quality, non-relevant PBN links pointing to it.

With our package, we want to do it differently by keeping both your site and the future of your links safe. With our Platinum Tiered Package, we build out 3 separate tiers of links:

  • Tier 1- Platinum Package Guest Post. This involves linking directly to your money site. 
  • Tier 2 – Once that’s been published, we’ll then build a relevant article that will point towards your tier 1 guest post with relevant anchor text from our more budget guest post selections that we have.
  • Tier 3 – Once that tier 2 link is active, we’ll then build the final tier 3 link which will also include a relevant article and anchor text pointing to the tier 2 post from our more budget guest post selections that we have.


This strategy is designed to allow relevant link juice to be passed to each level of the tiered structure from our testing. As a result, the post linking to your money site is given a nice link boost, which in the long run, is a much safer strategy.

Once you’ve seen and accepted the website URL, we’ll then reach out to the site owner. Very occasionally, a site owner might reject your website or anchor text. If this does happen, we’ll contact you to resolve the situation by seeing if changes can be made to the anchor text or landing page.

If the situation cannot be resolved, then we’ll send you a new site to choose from. Because these are real sites, we cannot guarantee every site owner will accept every single link request we send.

We do not accept niches such as Adult, Gambling and Pharma.