Monthly GMB Post Service

Let us research, write, schedule and publish your keyword optimised GMB posts.

10 GMB Posts


  • Monthly Subscription Service
  • 10 Keyword Optimised GMB Posts
  • High-Quality Stock Photos
  • We write, schedule and post.

Our GMB Post Process

We research

We will research the keywords and services related to the business and create topics around these.

We write

Our writers will compile 70-100 word posts based around the keywords that we have researched.

We schedule and post

Using our software we will schedule your posts throughout the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed the most common questions that we get for our monthly GMB post service. If you have any further questions, do get in touch.

No, each package can only be used on one individual GMB. The number of posts you order will be distributed throughout the month to that specific GMB.

Each post is between 70 to 100 words.

To get started we would require you to give us access to a Gmail with manager rights to the GMB or add our email address as a manager on the specific GMB. We also need your primary and secondary keywords you are trying to rank for and your GMB URL.

All GMB posts are written to a high standard by copywriters who have solid expertise in content creation. Click here for some samples.

Please take into consideration these are keyword optimised posts, aimed to improve SEO. If your looking for news/event style posts about your business, these are not for you.

This depends on what products, services and clients your business has. We generally find for small local service-based businesses that 10 posts per month are adequate.

The software which our team uses to set up and schedule your GMB posts is OneUpApp