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We offer a range of SEO and link building services to individuals and agencies worldwide.

SEO Builder Introduction

Link Building Services

Do you love SEO but hate link building? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We offer you a special range of link-building services that are crucial to successful SEO. From local citations to guest posting, we provide your business with the core essentials to compete in Google’s digital playground. These include:

We are a UK-based company, with most of our team working from the Philippines. Since we began as Citations Builder in 2018, we have evolved our services to be more dynamic, more flexible, and most importantly, more effective. Although citations remain an integral part of our operations, our additional services now allow us to fully leverage our expertise in SEO. 

Your business is unique, so it requires a unique approach to get unique results. At SEO Builder, we place your needs at the forefront by creating a strategy that’s designed to meet your goals and objectives. Our rigorous and successful approach means our services are in high demand with some of the largest marketing agencies across the globe, including the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

What Our Clients Say

Matthew Marley
Digital Marketing Manager, Creditfix

Use Citations Builder for all my sites now they are awesome defo best citation service I have used! These citations actually get indexed and the reports are awesome they also do a full audit for you 🙂


Brendan Tully
Principal Consultant, The Search Engine Shop

We switched from handling citations in-house to having the citations builder guys handle it and not only are we saving a ton of money, we’re getting citations we wouldn’t have found previously AND the indexation rate is through the roof. We’re seeing seriously good rankings for our agency clients as a result and recommend these guys to other agencies we’re affiliated with, on a regular basis.